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Class Video- Toddler
Class Video- School Age

As our toddlers begin to move about and discover their surroundings, our classrooms are designed to offer them a cognitively stimulating environment, and a strengthening of their spatial relationships.  This is the time for them to strengthen their fine and gross motor manipulative skills, and social-emotional behavior with their peers and educators.

 Whether your child is seeking a challenge or needs an extra boost to catch up, this program reinforces school lessons while introducing new approaches and activities not found in most traditional public schools.  Sign your child up for a class during a school break or an extra minimum day!

Class Overview

The program designed for our students challenges each child to reach their full potential while also engaging each student through academic-rich academically rich activities and exercises in subjects including but not limited to Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art and Technology (S.T.E.A.M.). Supplemented with hands-on activities for exploration and engagement, the curriculum allows students to grow, learn, and be challenged in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Pre-Enrollment Center                           Parent & Child
Creative Art-After School Activit
Fern Academy Class Overview

Go beyond! 
Extra Curricular offered online
& in-person

Reading/Writing Comprehension

Reading/Writing Comprehension



Public Speaking

Public Speaking





Chinese Immersion

Chinese Immersion

Exploration of Art

Exploration of Art



3 yrs.-5yrs.

Build the key social, emotional and intellectual skills needed for school and life with specially designed school skills classes 

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide the exceptional education to help children reach their academic and life goals. We want to foster each child's intellectual, social, physical, and moral development in an academic-rich environment. To achieve this, we work as a team with children, families, and communities. Together we will Explore the wonders of this ever-changing world, Experiment with the diversity in our lives, and Exceed the expectations of our future.


Trilingual (English, Spanish, and Mandarin)

Studies suggest that at a cognitive and academic level, children learning an additional language are more creative, better at solving complex problems and usually score higher on standardized tests. Our English, Spanish, and Mandarin teachers are ready to immerse into language and culture with your child! 


S.T.E.A.M Based Curriculum

Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, our curriculum is well-rounded and develops the interest of our little scholars.


Developmentally Appropriate

The Comprehensive View focuses on the full range of learning and development that early childhood curricula generally cover. We create developmentally appropriate curriculum, lessons, and activities to fit every unique stage in your child's growth and challenge them accordingly.



We believe in a balance between encouraging healthy structure and nurturing our students' wild imagination and creative expression. The success of your child is the main focus of every aspect of Blue Ribbon Academy.


Inclusive Learning Environment

We believe in the No Child Left Behind approach. Every child is a unique learner (visual, hands-on, auditory, verbal, solitary, and social, etc.), so we design and adjust our curriculum based on student assessments, parent feedback, and the overall progress of our little scholars.


Professional Early Childhood Development Team

Each of our educators is equipped with the background education necessary to care for and educate young learners, and beyond.   With an ever-growing and advancing environment, we curate and welcome new valuable team members as needed. 


Advisory Board

The Blue Ribbon Academy team extends beyond campus educators. In addition, we are made up of global executives and community members from different professions to ensure a wholesome experience and inspire our future leaders.

Happy New Year from Blue Ribbon Academy Educational Team

Blue Ribbon Academy Virtual Classrooms

At Blue Ribbon Academy, one of our goals is to be more inclusive in all ways. Our mission is to cater towards each student’s unique needs to help reach their full potential. When it comes to the learning process, we want to make sure the experience (in person and virtually) truly encapsulates as much as possible for everyone. 


Like many other institutions in 2020, we experienced the overnight change to go digital. While we see the merits of in-person classes, we also want to make sure that all student’s individual needs are constantly met by offering virtual classes as well so that no child is left behind from our life enriching classes. 


As a part of our all-inclusive experience at Blue Ribbon Academy, we also offer community outreach opportunities by partnering with local businesses and educational institutions. These collaborations serve to build a better foundation for these future global leaders


Blue Ribbon Academy In-Person Classrooms

Blue Ribbon Academy

2021 Summer Camp

With the goal of setting up our children for success academically, socially, and emotionally, this program is designed to reinforce and introduce academic topics through fun activities while maintaining a nurturing environment. Our program is designed to continue to encourage our children to Experiment, Explore, and Exceed in their daily lives.

Blue Ribbon Academy

After School & Off Tracks

With the goal of setting up our children for success academically, socially, and emotionally, this program is designed to reinforce and introduce academic topics through fun activities while maintaining a nurturing environment. 

Continue to experience life and school with Blue Ribbon Academy in this before and after school program for all students as well as students on track and those with extra minimum days. This program reinforces lessons and skills learned in school while interacting with other children in activities not found in traditional schools. The children and their homework are in the caring hands of our certified and supportive teachers. School break program is also available for track students and extra minimum days

We are a group of passionate individuals who wish to provide the most well-rounded education for children.  


“I first added a customer wechat and saw a post of the chinese class. I was trying to learn mandarin for my work which I know it will help my kids in the long run so decided to reach out to you last year. I would say it is not my kids interest but it does help them. As last year was a tough year where students had to be taught online and my younger child had no school I decided to enroll him in the phonics class and I do not regret doing this. Today he is in kindergarten and he is well prepare for it thank you to the teachers at Blue Ribbon. I had to drop him off school to take an assessment and he said mommy it was easy and I know it all. I always sat in class with him but him taking the online class he is independent and can sit in the class himself while I am at work for CVC. Jayden I have put him in an advanced English class ELA which is one grade higher than what he was. He enjoys it, it is hard but he is willing to learn it. All the staff and teachers are really nice. Until this day both my children take several classes which I hope it will help them in the long run"


"真的非常幸運也非常謝謝藍帶學院讓Lilia在在家學習的一年過得非常開心,也非常充實,無論在知識的學習及藝術的培養,收獲滿滿,讓做家長的可以完全放心讓小傢伙直接回學校學習,Ms.Lin和Miss Candy都是非常有經驗及對孩子有極大耐心及愛心及,以對小孩最好的方式為出發點來安排課程及制定學習進度,所以在短時間內能看到小朋友的進步,而且小朋友也樂在學習!在此時除了感謝還是感謝!真心推薦給各位家長!


Very lucky and appreciate to have Lilia studied at Blue Ribbon Academy. One year of online classes are very meaningful and fun. Lilia has learned a lot of new knowledge and gained artistic growth. Ms Lin and Miss Candy are both very experienced and patient to kids. They have created curriculum and plans to help develop kids in a good pace. Hence it is great to see rapid progress in a short period of time. And the kids are happy to learn. Highly recommended!


Mrs. Hui

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