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We are a group of people who share the same passion and dreams, and come together to build this place for our children and for ourselves to make our dreams come true. As parents, we care and love every single child as we care and love our own. As educators, we feel we know so much about how to teach a child but also so little to truly understand what they really want. We are able to create multiple channels to instill our sense of universal value to our children, hoping they can absorb as much nutrition as we can provide. Well, we actually learn so much from them in return. As parents, as educators, and also as life-long learners, we devote all our love, knowledge and experiences to our dream work, and especially to our children, our future.


We are trying to be mentors, not preachers; we are more like friends, not just guardians. 


We hope to make this world a better place by making each child a better person!


---Powered by Blue Ribbon Academy Education Team

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