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Dual Language Immersion Teacher - Spanish/English

Teaching: Transitional Kindergarten up to 6th Grade

Job Type: Full-time/ Part Time

Job Summary:

Blue Ribbon Academy is looking for a qualified dual language immersion teacher. At Blue Ribbon Academy, it is our goal to encourage a love of learning in children by thoughtfully designing and implementing developmentally appropriate, child-led activities that encourage children to ask questions, to ponder, to experiment, to dissect and to explore their world on a daily basis. We utilize constructivist theory and best practices from progressive curriculums like Piaget, Reggio Emilia, and Montessori, to inform our curriculum development and to guide our practice.

Students in the Spanish Dual Language class will be taught by a specialized, trained Spanish teacher, in equal parts Spanish and English, following the 50/50 Spanish/English Instructional Model.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Implement Documentation that shows the processes of learning

  • Plan activities that are innovative, interesting, child-led and consistent with the inquiry generated in the classroom

  • Responsible for the ordered arrangement, appearance, and décor of the classroom environment. This will include sharing the joint housekeeping responsibilities of the staff

  • Maintain the Reggio-inspired environment that our philosophy fosters

  • Communicate effectively with parents during daily interactions, parent-teacher conferences and through written communication

  • Regularly maintain displays of student artwork. Ensuring that art is current and represents what students are currently studying

  • Monitor and assess student progress

  • Maintain close communication with the director and parent regarding student issues, conferencing as deemed necessary

  • Establish a non-punitive method of classroom discipline, seeking positive rather than negative methods to correct student behavior

  • Maintain a structure in the classroom that fosters positive classroom management

  • Participate in team meetings, staff meeting as and professional development

Required Education:

  • Associates/Bachelor’s Degree preferred in Early Childhood Education or related field


Required Experience:

  • At least 1 year of professional teaching experience in a language immersion classroom

  • Or Minimum 2 years of teaching experience, preferably at the K-6th Grade level


Required Language:

  • English and Spanish


Required License or Certification:

  • Master Teacher Permit from CTC

  • CA Teaching Credential (Desired)

  • TB Test, CPR Certificate (Adult / Pediatrics / First-Aid), Live Scan clearance required prior hiring

Must be able to teach in a variety of subject (but not limited to):

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

  • Humanities, Language Art, English

  • Reading, Spanish/English bilingual education, ESL

  • History, Social Studies, Character Development and more

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be fully bilingual (Spanish and English)

  • Writing, reading, and singing in Spanish

  • BA or AA in ECE or related filed

  • Good computer skills

  • Master Teacher Permit from CTC

  • At least 1 year of professional teaching experience in a language immersion classroom

  • Or Minimum 2 years of teaching experience, preferably at the T.K. to 6th-grade level

  • Must to have flexible schedule to include evenings, weekends, and holidays.

  • TB Test, CPR Certificate (Adult / Pediatrics / First-Aid) , Live Scan clearance required prior hiring

Preferred Qualifications:

  • CA Teaching Credential (Desired)

  • Experience or familiarity in a Reggio-inspired environment

  • Computer graphic skills, Penmanship

  • A California Driver’s License, daily use of an automobile and automobile liability insurance

Benefits and Beyond:

  • A family-friendly work environment with flexible work hours

  • Extensive opportunities for career mobility/advancement as our schools continue to grow and expand to new areas

  • Highly collaborative and innovative teams

  • Paid vacation days, family leave days, and sick time

  • Paid holidays

  • Healthcare plans including medical and dental

  • Direct Deposit

  • Annual Professional Growth Day

If you are interested in working with us, Please include: 
1. A detailed resume describing experience and data-supported accomplishments

2. Transcript of ECE units or Master Teacher Permit from CTC
3. A cover letter or a writing sample showcasing written communication skills and demonstrating your alignment with the Blue Ribbon Academy mission and competencies


Send these documents in form of an email to:

We look forward to meeting you!  

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